Wiring Without Circuit Diagrams

Made-to-order for your needs: our bündling computation software creates component-ready wire bundles according to each customer's specifications. By calculating optimal wire bundle sizes, individual wire bundle allocations and subsequent coding, it permits wiring without circuit diagrams.

Bundled Software Know-How
 In order to create a production file for wire bundle production from the length-computed wiring list, the CadCabel bundling computation software sorts out connections routed by the panel software program. The result is an optimal bundling layout which assigns a complete wire bundle to each component.

The program's comprehensive range of functions ensures individual control of wire bundle allocation for your wiring-relevant optimization activities. This makes it possible, for example, to assign separate wire bundles for door wiring, plug-and-socket connections, or SPC cards before continuing with fully automatic sorting out of the wiring list. Once identified as optimal, wire bundle sequences can be saved in digital memory and re-used for the next equipment system.

 All production parameters in bundling computation can be determined in accordance with the customer's own wiring guidelines. The user has the option of choosing between round or sequenced bundles, and he himself defines for the electrician the most important information for labelling individual wire bundles and for coding all wires, including instructions for the patented wiring direction.

After all required production parameters have been selected, a simple mouse click suffices to create a digital production file and, by means of CadCabel's Transfer software, to send it on to our ERP server and production manufacturing control center.



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