Reference projects

Our customer in Vienna supplies control  systems for energy automation. 
All control panels  are single panels, designed with the electrical CAD software ELCAD. ELCAD creates the wire and component lists for the subsequent layout and routing with Panel. With our Varianto software, the layout and the routing of the wiring are calculated. Afterwards, the wires in the wiring list (including all production data) are strategically grouped into bundles using our Bundle Calculator software and are sent to our production facility using our Transfer software. Once we have received the data (this only takes a few seconds), the client receives confirmation of a successful order.  
The actual production of the wires is started as soon as possible after the order is received, and the customer receives the wiring 24–48 hours after placing the order.

The mark of CadCabel excellence ...

(Workshop Service. Press photo: Siemens). Click to enlarge.

November 29, 2007: A TS IS team member from the service area during maintenance work (function check) on a Desiro in the door area at a UK depot
(Workshop Service. Press photo: Siemens)

In this project, CadCabel supplied our bundle technology to Siemens in order to build 130 Desiro commuter trains with, in total, 1400 control cabinets

  • Over 3.1 million connections total
  • Very complex switchboard layouts with pivoting frames and several levels of cable
  • Very high packing density in each control cabinet
  • High numbers of variants and revisions
  • Each train included 11 control cabinets and about 24,000 cable connections
  • Wiring data from ELCAD, materials list from SAP

The Siemens Desiro-type commuter train (UK). Click to enlarge.

January 8, well-lit, comfortable and fast: the Siemens Desiro-type commuter train (UK). 
(Taken from: Journalist news brochure, January 2008 (press photo: Siemens)

New power plant building, Grevenbroich Germany. Click to enlarge.

New power plant
Grevenbroich, Germany (2 towers, 1300 MW each)

  • Approximately 2 x 700 routed middle- and low-voltage control panels delivered
  • Wiring data and component list from eplan.

New power plant building, Grevenbroich Germany

Gas-insulated substation in Frankfurt, Germany

  • 3x approx. 10,000 m2 production area
  • Medium-voltage control panels supplied
  • Also done by CadCabel: System integration, complete mechanical assembly based on data from CadCabel (bending, edging, laser work, nibbling, stamping, powder coating)
  • Wiring data from ELCAD, Ruplan, eplan 5xx
  • Component lists from SAP




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