Solutions for Series Production Facilities

Bundle technology is a holistic innovative concept which is suitable for both series and single-plant engineering.
It is the quickest and most secure approach for wiring currently available for control cabinets, thanks to professional software tools and a EU patented bundle identification system. 

Brilliantly Simple Bundle Acquisition

 The initial step for series plant engineering is to compile equipment identification numbers, connection data, cable lengths, as well as all wire attributes (type, cross-section, color, contacts etc.) within a connection configuration list for a single series plant.
For this purpose we supply you with a standard Excel template that provides all relevant parameters for selection as an Internet download. We also readily support you during the acquisition process for the lists (please contact our sales personnel).

The single-plant designer creates wiring plans using his existing E-CAD system. Our e·wiring plug&play interface generates the required parts, wiring, potential arrow, and terminal lists from all known E-CAD systems, and delivers a master list to the panel layout and routing system. This software permits the positioning of each device based on your parts list, and determines the exact wire length between the components. For our customers, panel routing reflects more than 20 years of expertise in control cabinet layouting and routing. 

 For series and single-plant engineering, the connection configuration lists including the length computations are rearranged using our dedicated software for bundle computation, and the optimal bundle sizes are calculated for each component. The Transfer program, which is usually installed on-site with Mit Klick Bild vergrößernthe customer, transfers your production data to our ERP and manufacturing control center. Our customers then receive an order confirmation within a few seconds, which lists all of the individual items contained in the contract, including the pre-negotiated prices. The complete wire bundles are delivered within one to two workdays to your shop table.

Additional benefits from our holistic concept:
You receive a comprehensive and fault-free documentation of the control cabinet structure and of your engineering data, and are thus able to guarantee one hundred percent conformity between the circuit diagram and the ready-wired control cabinet – an important step towards quality assurance.



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